About Timeless

Prepare to be astounded as we take you on a journey through time in an evening filled with stunning Illusions, Singing and Dance.

Timeless Feature Top Illusionist Chris De Rosa and  Michelle Ferguson and Award Winning Singers Marc Andrew, Veronica Glendinning and Ashley McCullagh. The Timeless Show is the true meaning of a Variety Night at its best. This masterfully crafted show see's the fusion of Magic, Dance and Singing at its best with great songs to compliment the illusions that will leave you spellbound mixed with a party atmosphere that will have you dancing and singing all night. Features. this show see's some new Designs in Illusions and Songs from The Greatest Showman, Moulin Rouge and so much more including amazing sound a like section from both our amazing singers........

Book this one of a kind show and you will remember the show for All Time.

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